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Download e-book for iPad: Five Legs (A List) by Graeme Gibson

First released by way of Anansi in 1969, 5 Legs used to be a leap forward for Canadian experimental fiction, promoting 1,000 copies in its first week. on the time Scott Symons wrote that "Five Legs has stronger writing in it, web page for web page, than the other younger Canadian novel that i will be able to give some thought to. " Or certainly any younger American novel — together with Pynchon and Farina.

Virginia Woolf's The Waves PDF

The main greatly unique ebook from one of many modernist movement's maximum writers.

The Waves follows the lives of 7 humans from early life to maturity, exploring questions of self, of realization, and of masculinity and femininity. it's solely advised via lengthy soliloquies via six of the characters, a wholly unique method of narrative that highlights Virginia Woolf's bottomless cutting edge capability.

Modernism and Style - download pdf or read online

Modernism is essentially made up our minds by means of its courting to its personal notions of favor: oscillating among the poles of 'pure' type and 'purely' sort, this strains the stylistic self-conceptualization of modernism from Schopenhauer and Flaubert within the 1850s, via Nietzsche and the symbolists within the Eighties, to the excessive modernists of the Twenties.

Modernism and Perversion: Sexual Deviance in Sexology and by Anna Katharina Schaffner (auth.) PDF

Charting the development of sexual perversions in 19th- and early twentieth-century scientific, psychiatric and mental discourse, Schaffner argues that sexologists' preoccupation with those perversions used to be a reaction to particularly sleek matters, and illuminates the position of literary texts within the formation of sexological wisdom.

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32 As Dowell insists, Edward understands fluctuating stock prices and can thus reap quick profits in this period of a diversified and expanding capital market. But he also holds on to a feudal estate and its “collectivist” associations despite falling prices and rents. 33 Leonora’s response to Edward’s diminishing estate is to raise tenants’ rents and reduce household costs in order to build capital reserves, to sell the valuable art in the family possession and, while Ford withholds details, to invest those savings conservatively in well-trusted stocks.

At the same time, however, the novel engages in its own impressionistic speculations on the nature of twentieth-century investment capitalism. Like The Good Soldier, Chance also suggests that capitalism is inherently speculative, but Conrad’s market fiction also takes a more radical position: the fictional world of Chance lies at the intersection of legitimate investment and unregulated speculation, where both are driven by fantasies of endless economic growth. As such, the novel offers a powerful critique of the fantasies and anxieties underpinning a laissez-faire environment of investment capitalism during a period of rapid reorganization, from the late-Victorian era until just prior to the First World War.

Exceeding bourgeois social decorum and capitalist production ethics, his romances register the expenditures and losses that many writers across the modernist period—from novelists to political economists— understood to drive economic activity, including those that focus only on the acquisitive aims of investment. We might think, for example, of Georg Simmel’s sense that “sacrifice” is “the inner condition” of valuemaking, that I only value something because of its relationship to what I’ve sacrificed for it;40 or of Bataille’s insistence that bourgeois reserve defines itself precisely against the wild, rollicking losses of an economy of expenditure without reserve.

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