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Nevertheless, the participation rates of these two groups fall below the OECD maximum reached in Japan and Iceland, by nearly 16 and 34 percentage points, respectively. On the other hand, the participation rates of older women exhibit significantly more variation than for men, with a gap of more than 65 percentage points often separating the highest country from the lowest. Indeed, women are doing relatively well compared with the EU and OECD averages, especially those under age 60. However, the participation rates of women aged 50 to 54 and 55 to 59 trail the OECD maximum by 15 percentage points and 24 percentage points, respectively.

Key factor: the labour market behaviour of older workers The future size of the labour force will depend critically on how participation rates change over time, especially among older people – which is not easy to predict. The sensitivity of future developments in labour force growth to changes in participation rates can be broadly illustrated using two scenarios. The first, constant scenario assumes that current participation rates by five-year age group and gender remain constant over the period to 2050.

A significant part of the social security system involves contributory benefits, but a greater role is given to means-tested and income-related benefits than is the case in most other countries in Europe. 18 There are also non-contributory universal payments, and in recent years increased emphasis has been given to providing assistance through the tax system. In addition, State spending on pensions in the UK is well below the OECD average, although the combination of State and private provision 18.

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