By Dino Buzzati

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He listened to her on the way back, absorbing little-known facts about that particular branch of Indian. "You're good," he said when he drove up in front of the Manley house just after dark. "Damned good. " She smiled wistfully. "I just read a lot and kept my ears open, I guess," she said, neglecting to add that she'd climbed over Mayan temples where she and her parents had been assigned. The smile faded as the memories came back. "I had a good time, Gene. A really good time. " He drew her to him.

I'd better get Out of here before I shock us both. I'll call in a day or so and we'll set a time for that trip to Hardin. " She was holding his arms for support. It wasn't easy to let go. She didn't want to be away from him for a minute, much less two days. "Well, good night. " he murmured dryly, smiling at her faint flush. His smile faded as he looked down into her eyes. "Never mind. " He touched her mouth with a long forefinger. "I would be tender with you," he said huskily. "I know enough to give you heaven.

The cowboy he'd unseated slammed his hat down in the dirt and jumped on it repeatedly while the audience laughed at the unexpected entertainment. Allison laughed with him. She really couldn't help it. "Oh, the poor man," she choked. "You pay your money and take your chances," he said without much real sympathy. "It happens to all of us. The name of the game is to keep down the number of winners. " "I guess I didn't think. " The next man stayed on and Allison thought he'd done extremely well, but he didn't score at all.

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