By K. D. Sullivan

ISBN-10: 0071493301

ISBN-13: 9780071493307

Make your ill vocabulary move from in basic terms stable to exceptionally splendid and stupendous!

Your mind holds a powerful vocabulary of greater than 20,000 phrases, yet likelihood is you just use a small fraction of them. That fraction is generally packed with tired oldies that experience misplaced their impression, equivalent to interesting, good, and <i>nice</i.. you can now rejuvenate your vocabulary and rehab your verbal abilities with this consultant for utilizing language to speak extra successfully in writing and speech.

Inside, you'll locate greater than thirty possible choices for every of the only hundred most typically overused phrases within the English language. in addition to an inventory of synonyms, every one universal note comes with definitions, pattern sentences, witty costs, causes of why the observe fails to speak, and masses extra.

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On target This is a slang way to say that the details should reach a particular audience or substantiate a point. precise The details should be exactly what you want to say, neither more nor less. proper The details should strictly belong or be applicable to the brochure, company, and/or image. undistorted The details should not be altered or misrepresented. In suggesting gifts: money is appropriate, and one size fits all. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST correct 42 PART OF SPEECH DEFINITION verb to set or make true, accurate, or right; to remove the errors or faults from edit up clean polish touch up reorg revise anize review cures for the common word alter ameliorate amend better change clean up cure debug do over doctor edit emend fiddle with fix up go over help improve launder make over make right mend pay dues pick up polish reclaim reconstruct rectify redress reform regulate remedy remodel reorganize repair retouch review revise right set right set straight shape up straighten out touch up turn around upgrade He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of every day .

My religion is kindness. THE DALAI LAMA correct 40 PART OF SPEECH DEFINITION adjective free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth factua l priate o r p p a legitimate d undistorte on ta rget proper precise cures for the common word actual amen appropriate equitable exact factual faithful faultless flawless for sure impeccable just legitimate nice OK on target perfect precise proper regular right righteous rigorous stone strict true undistorted unmistaken veracious veridical Cyberspace: a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation.

29 DIAGNOSIS limiting Michael and Beth sat through a boring movie. From this sentence, it’s likely a safe bet that Michael and Beth didn’t enjoy the movie, but we don’t know what specific qualities made it so dull. powerful remedies Substitute an alternative remedy for boring: Michael and Beth sat through a movie. interminable The movie was so monotonously or annoyingly long that they thought it would never end. monotonous The movie was severely lacking in variety. stale The movie had no novelty; it was just like movies they’d seen over and over before.

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