By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

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A Barron's bestseller for years, this e-book is healthier than ever in a new fourth variation. as well as its common vocabulary lists, this variation encompasses a new part known as landscape of phrases. during this function, all of the 1100 phrases appears to be like in a sentence chosen from between renowned novels, performs, poems, or even newspaper editorials and television declares. The ebook is a vocabulary builder aimed without delay at college-bound highschool scholars, in addition to students who want additional vocabulary support. scholars will locate note lists with definitions, analogy workouts, interesting note video games, and interesting words-in-context workouts.

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2. Europe's population was afflicted* by a __________ plague known as the Black Death. 3. From each candidate's headquarters acrimonious* charges would __________ forth daily. 4. Clym Yeobright's mother succumbed* to the __________ of a snake bite. 5. With __________ discourtesy the reporters continued to harass* the bereaved family. Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. 6. blatant ____ a. group of attendants 7. entourage ____ b. disagreeably loud, very showy 8. virulent ____ c. poison, spite, malice 9.

4. She hoped that we would not __________ her decision to run for office as a thirst for power. 5. The dictator's __________ rules failed to intimidate* the leaders of the underground. Definitions Place the letter of the correct definition in the blank next to the new vocabulary word. 6. elicit ____ a. freedom from punishment 7. pernicious ____ b. to make a deduction, to infer 8. tolerate ____ c. to put up with, to bear 9. construe ____ d. to draw forth 10. impunity ____ e. harmful, causing injury Today's Idiom to lionize a personto make a big fuss over someone (the lions at the Tower of London were considered its main attraction) When the famous poet Dylan Thomas visited the United States, he was lionized wherever he lectured.

To chew ____ 4. consternation d. complete failure ____ 5. deride e. reaching maturity early ____ 6. discern f. talkative ____ 7. disparage g. practicable ____ 8. dubious h. to make fun of ____ 9. eschew i. contrary ____ 10. feasible j. wealthy ____ 11. fiasco k. keep away from ____ 12. laudable l. recognize ____ 13. masticate m. crush, stop ____ 14. obsolescence n. to discredit ____ 15. perfunctory o. person you tell your secrets to ____ 16. perverse p. disappointment ____ 17. precocious q. uncertain ____ 18.

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